We too want to make a contribution to the Nation for Covid-19!
We are the most important company of contemporary circus in Europe.
With ALIS, our first show, we made over 200,000 spectators dream and today we decided to carry out this initiative to make a tangible contribution to our country: to raise funds with the aim of reaching the 100,000 disposable face masks to be donated to the Italian hospitals that are in desperate need.
To help people feel good in this tough period, we are making available for the first time in Europe the film of our show “ALIS by Le Cirque World’s Top Performers” and the ‘making of’ shot behind the scenes.

Donate what you think is appropriate and have fun for over 2 hours.

And remember that we will return to Italy in November with a fantastic Christmas tour.  For info on the cities and dates, please visit www.lecirquewtp.it

Donate at least 2 Euros by clicking on the button, you can pay through your PayPal account or by credit card.

After the donation you will be directed to the page where you can enjoy the movie “ALIS by Le Cirque World’s Top Performers“.

Please select donation amount

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Once donated, wait for Paypal’s redirect to the movie
or click “go back to Le Cirque Wtp website”.
Have fun!

More than 200.000 spectators
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